▒▒▒▒░░       ░▒▒██▒▒                              
                                                    ▒▒▒▒░░                ░░█▒                          
                                                ▒█▒░░                        ░▒▒                      
                                              █▒▒░░                           ░░██                    
                                            ██▒░░                               ░▒█                    
                             ▒▒██▒██▒███████▒░░                                 ░▒██                  
                        ▒▒░░░░                                                    ░░▒██                 
                     ▒▒▒▒░░                                                         ░▒██░░              
                   ▒▒░░                                                                 ░░█▒          
                ▒▒▒░░                                                                     ░█▒▒        
              ▒░░░                                                                          ░░▒▒      
         ██▒▒▒░░                                                                               ▒▒░░    
       ▒▒░░                                                                                      ░░▒▒    
     ▒▒░░                                                                                          ▒▒░░                                                                                                   
   ▒█▒░░                                                                                             ░▒▒ 
  ██░░                     ██████╗ ██████╗ ███████╗ █████╗ ███╗   ███╗███████╗                      ░░▒▒
  ██░░                     ██╔══██╗██╔══██╗██╔════╝██╔══██╗████╗ ████║██╔════╝                       ░░▒█
  █▒░░                     ██║  ██║██████╔╝█████╗  ███████║██╔████╔██║███████╗                       ░░██
 █░░                       ██║  ██║██╔══██╗██╔══╝  ██╔══██║██║╚██╔╝██║╚════██║                       ░░██
█▒░░                       ██████╔╝██║  ██║███████╗██║  ██║██║ ╚═╝ ██║███████║                      ░░█▒
▒▒░░                       ╚═════╝ ╚═╝  ╚═╝╚══════╝╚═╝  ╚═╝╚═╝     ╚═╝╚══════╝                      ░░▒▒                                                                                                                       ▒█▒░                                                                                               ░░██
 ▒▒░                        !!  MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT OR TRIGGERING CONTENT !!                   ░░▒███  
  ▒▒                                                                                            ░░█▒    
   █░░                                                                                        ░░██      
    ▒▒░░                                                                                      ░▒▒██        
      ▒▒░░░░                                                                 ░░▒▒▒▒░░      ░░░▒▒▒        
        ██▒▒░    ░▒▒▒█████▒▒░                                               ░░▒▒█   ▒▒░░░░░░▒██           
           ░▒▒▒▒▒▒░       ██▒▒░░░░             ▒▒░░░░░                  ░░░░▒█       ▒██████             
                             █▒▒░░░░       ░▒▒▒▒░     ▒▒              ▒█▒██                            
                                 █▒▒░░░░░░▒▒           ▒░░░░▒▒░░░░▒█▒███                                
                                                        ▒▒▒▒  ▒██▒   
                                 dream journal / dream log. (dd.mm.yyyy)
> Date: 04.05.2023
> Time: 0122
> Status: 90/100

So some guys tried to scam me but in the "were ginna trick you into this and kill you" and they were like aahw agents lmao.
so I let them into my house (was my hometown house) and started fucking with them.
I remember like tying one up and carrying him around and live tweeting aelfies of me with the guy in the house and then hiding n waiting for other guys to show up. they'd use selfies to try and figure out where i am in the house from the backgrounds and shit, then id just kill them when they "found" me.
And I was like live tweeting this as i did this too like

"these morons tried to kill me again so i saw-trapped them. L."

i remember one specifically where i took a selfie while being chased holding a guy i tied up as a hostage then hid under my old piano to wait for the other guys to show up in that room before sliding out from under it and ambushing them.

remember having the guy fucking rolled up in like yellowish-beige packing tape lol

HANK_JW: "it was like some looneytoons shit kinda, had a fucking blast."

> Date: 03.05.2023
> Time: 0652
> Status: 70/100

had a dream I went to the dentist or something like that and they ripped off my lower jaw off and like i could see my fucked up teeth. they have like holes in them with like weird lanky fungus growing out of them like stalks.
it was really fucekd up because it looked like the mushrooms just ate away at my teeth to grow.

HANK_JW: it was both fucked up and kinda neat.

> Date: 12.11.2022
> Time: 0514
> Status: 90/100

everything is mainly colorless. dark greys and fog and felt almost poluted.
tall rocky cliffs and the beach is made of small pebbles, not exactly sand but not sough either. Just lots of small pebbles.
it was just me, one other person, and possibly another. we had a small wooden boat kind of like a canoe and a long thin rope with a fishing hook at the end.
me and person 1 left person 2 alone since they were busy with something relating to the boat(probably fishing) and went left along the beach bc there was like a swampy forest along the edge over there.
we walked along the beach but it started to just be water so we walked in the water, ankle high but it was gross and swampy. some misquitos around i think but they didnt bite us. Like a ton of little flies around or something.
We climbed over some rocks up to a flat area with fog kind of covering these flat rocks. walking forward and we see a cliff and the small stream ended up being a clean waterfall and a pretty pond below us.

HANK_JW: i need to redraw this or something, make it in roblox or some shit

> Date: 31.10.2022
> Time: 0505
> Status: 90/100

cant remember much exceot i had like a hole in my skin and i dug in there and found out a pebble was stuck in there, i remove it. theres more. i keep going. theres so many pebbles stuck in this hole in my skin i feel aroubd. its all pebbles in my flesh in thia area likr a ton of em just got stuffed in there. im in so much pain and i just want them OUT, i kept trying to dig them out but they wouldnt stop.

HANK_JW: i woke up and could still feel the hole in my skin.

> Date: 20.10.2022
> Time: 1310
> Status: 70/100

so [NAME] shows me this video, I cant remember if it was a series or a true crime thing, but it starts off as a kind of like scandalous sex tapes of a guy tied down on a table. The camera was a top view of him from like is lower pelvis up to his chin. 1n the next thing is almost the same sceme top view facing down on this guy, his arms and legs are grossly removed from middle of the forearm to the upper thigh of the leg.

his jaw was slack and half hazardly hung open and his skin was all a sickly-greyish pale. his body was cut open and his insides are just filled with a masive small intestine, like all of his organs were replaced with a really long fucking intestine or maybe just a ton of them i couldnt really tell.his insides were yellowed, grubby and sickly looking and were like lightly rotten. hands come in with the shitty transparent loose plastic gloves and someone removed the 24hr old rotten intestines and then it comes in, has a bucket of what appears to be fresh intestines and starts pouring it down this guys mouth and we have easy access to watch as his follow disseased cavity is refilled with entire intestines but now fresh, pink and slimy.

the camera almost pans out to and its like we are in the video now. Im apparently in the slightly 3rd person perspective of walter white in a white lab coat and wearing the gloves while theres a woman with me, idk who but we were just standing outside of this house that apparently the tape that was just played was filmed at. we look around inside and theres buckets of rotten intestines and puddles of blood, excretement, urine and just rotten flesh fluid everywhere and there are like those big orange buckets everywhere and it smells ROTTEN and just fucking REEKS. the building we are in vaugely resembles the cabin i went to once.
less buckets appear(???) as we close to the back door and we leave.

we look out from the wooden porch and see everything is flooded with this sicky yelllw grey sludge, it smells of rotten fish and corpses and is made of human, human fluid rotten human yellowed mush. you cant walk anywhere its just.. FLOODED.

walter white looks around who appears to know less than the woman does he turns to look at the cabin but the camrea is still facing him and out to the sea of rot, cars sticking out of it and tipped iver and just random junk everywhere. its like the town had a tsunami of rotten meat sludge.

and i wake up.

HANK_JW: probably one of my favorite dreams, only because of how fucking surreal and fucking detailed it was. it was like some fucked up psycological horror art film. (this was copy pasted from a journal so a lot of shit is like weirdly vauge and not described well)

> Date: 20.10.2022
> Time: 1310
> Status: 70/100

I specifically remember it being me and deimos in this dream. The setting was like floating run down buildings and was like "the other place" frome nevada but all monochrome instead of black and red. Good fucking luck if you completely fell down because thers nothing but a black abyss below up asside from the floating building. We were fighting a shit ton of people, we had like grappling hooks n shit (it was based off this one kind of roblox game, the grappling hook physics at least) and I fell a couple of times and BARELY managed to launch myself back onto the sides of these buildings and i was fucking running rampant on slaughtering anyone in my path. Apparently me and Deimos had some sort of queer fucking relationship going on, it was actually hilarious, i dont know why this was a detail that had to be pointed out in my dream but it was. We kept fighting and getting recources since we kind of had to just live in these buildings and almost were like trying to escape? like we got trapped there and we were fighting out way out of this hell.

It was so much fun flinging myself around, langing on the sides of buildings that sometimes had like platforms sticking out and i could crash through buildings and shit, tons of agents around trying to kill us as we survived this weird floating apocalypse type thing.

HANK_JW: I faintly remember it but it was really fun. I miss it.