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various links that are silly, neat or useful. Ranging from websites to videos.

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Windows 98 Icon Viewer

An archive of all of the windows 98 icons, quite a few graphics on here are from this site actually.


A website for file storage, I personally use it to store audio files and my mp4 files of my animations for my site.


A massive archive of old gifs, plenty of goodies here.

Animate Archive

An archive of animate from FutureSplash Animator(1996) to Adobe flash CS6(2016)


A free, open source webcomic template. for when you want to host your own webcomic on your own site!


A simple online tool which lets you trim your audio files on the fly.


Where I got my windows 98 css from


wanna make your own webring? this is an option on where to begin.


javascript paint; entirely just old mspaint on a browser (I draw on here from my phone sometimes.)

Nightwave plaza

A cool looking online radio that plays vaporwave music with customizeable themes and such.


An archive of old abandoned games ranging from the 70s all the way up to the 2000s


A silly virtual system of oldweb goods and secrets.


An online browser emulator


Another Browser emulator


a website where you can see other peoples cursors.


A site about isopods and loving isopods. As an isopod enjoyer this site makes me very happy, even if it only has the homepage and a quiz i still love this site, it looks so silly.

Frog land

A personal favorite site for its random frog related goods and the history of this site is also really fantastic. just a good site all around.

Gross Games about Flesh and Stuff

A Fantastic Video about beautifully greusome games and art.

Jerma Shrine

A shrine of one of my favorite internet guys out there. has some notable memes, clips and events/updates related to him. Long live mr sus guy