Hank's Reference Sheet

This is the ultimate reference sheet of myself since I have nothing else to do
This was entirely just out of my need to pour my brain out somewhere.
  general notes:
  - Colors are not strict
  - body color varies from a light grey to a white.
  - most things are optional. my design is pretty fluid


Clothing is pretty straight forward:
black trenchcoat with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, black pants, 
black combat boots 9with optional red paw prints), black belts & straps,
bandages on arms, black fingerless gloves, black face mask with 
some cloth wrapped around my head to give it the signature 
"bandana tails", and of cource the red goggles.

generally plenty of dark clothing that covers most of the body.
But Im alright with wearing whatever, this is just the usual stuff I wear,
kind of my "branding" is looking like this.

heres a couple other drawings of other outfits i wear.
Im a big fan of sweaters, sleeveless shirts, sweatpants 
and sometimes just my boxers or shorts.


Skin tone is usually on the paler side, 
ranging from a light grey to even a full white.
Blush or any "color" seen is usually grey aswell
with the tounge being a black or dark grey and 
blush being a black tint that can range from a 
light grey to a dark grey depending on "temperature"
My face is almost always coverd, so its not often I have my face uncovered
but heres a few details about it anyways for when details are showing.
Metal jaw as a replacement with scarring around the skin,
top teeth are also exposed with scarring.
The whites of the eyes are white and pupils can be red or black.
I usually don't have pupils but if they do its usually just a thin line.

The only specific Scars on my face that need to be pointed out or have specific meanings are:
-A scar running over the left side of my face
- scar over the nose.
- scar on my forehead thats not often since its always covered by my headgear.

(A lot of these are kind of bovious from what they are from if you know my source.)
Body shape can be labeled as "hour glass" with the slimmer waist and broader
shoulders and hips / uper legs with a muscular build.

Plus a couple other references mased on the same kind of body shape.
Since I have so many scars, why not go over them.
Most of them are from misc things and are insignificant aside from the main ones.
(In order of oldest to newest)

There is obviously a lot of them so i don't expect anyone to keep track
of them all, Hell even I can't keep track of them all.