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todo list - Note...
  • Hank's todo list:
  • >Collection gallery
    • (knives, pins, stickers, plushes, bones, etc)
  • >Shrines
    • Mystery Flesh Pit
    • Liminal Spaces
    • Weirdcore
    • Cao Hui sculptures
    • Minecraft
  • > Finish writing page

Hey there, welcome to my personal website, my webcorner, my webdungeon, or whatever other terms you can call this. This is where I post art, animations, make web goods, share dumb images and videos, fuck around with coding, express myself and kind of everything. This place Is always gonna be worked on so if you do ever come back there's usually something new around. > You can find all my art in Gallery > some free shit for whatever is in Freebies > if you are interested to know about me(the webmaster) head over to About and find some of my other links. > And if you're a little lost heres a map if you need it. any secrets are not listed on there, go find em yourself. And thanks for stopping by.