!!! I DO NOT sell NFTs or work with any crypto. If you see any of my art on an NFT marketplace, don't buy it. Please share the URL with me so I can report it. !!!

> I will continue to ask you throughout the process how things look and if theres any changes to be made, 
If anything significant needs to be changed I may have to charge extra depending on the severity of the changes.

> At the end of the commission I will send you the final drawing in PNG format vis whatever contact service we use, 
If the file is larger than expected (ex: an animation) I will have to send it through other links such as a google drive or similar. 

> The estimated time is two days to a month, depending on the complexity of the drawing or animation or the length of my queue.
In case I need more time, you will be notified in advance. If I fail to communicate with you, you are welcome to a full refund if you wish.

> The illustration includes a simple/solid color background.
If you want one of greater complexity the price will be higher(+$20-$30)

> The commission can be used for all personal purposes. 
Do not use to commercialize or distribute (unless we have discussed otherwise.)

> Do not erase my signature and do not forget to give me the credits as the artist.

> I often post my commissions after they are complete for my portfolio. 
I wil ask for permission before hand (always giving you credit as owner of the illustration).

> I start working once we agree to the order, I will notify you when I start working on it if there's a queue.


Some of these are listed for my own comfortability and skill-level
(im not gonna make someone pay for something that sucks).

( If something isn't listed here and you need to ask about it you are welcome to, and I am able to deny any commission if it makes me uncomfortable. )