Webrings, cliques and fanlistings

my little collection of webrings or web cliques that ive joined!
some rings may not work yet due to me getting my site updated.

aromatic // dusty computers, smoke and damp metal

" Aromatic is a rebooting of the long-lost but very popular back in the day design clique, Scented Angels. Its mission is the same as SA's was: to express yourself through webdesign and aromas. It poses the simple question: based on its colour scheme, if your layout had a scent, what would it be? "

rainbow 🌈 #030303 / #960000 / #09af8f / #6aeba6 / #7fb565 / #efe9e1

" What's your favourite colour? Or colours? Speak to us of your spectrum. "


"We embrace all things strange, surreal, and bizarre!"

" This is a webring for websites on the indie web with autistic webmasters. We believe that autistic identity and expression is something to be accepted and embraced! "

<<< retronaut webring >>>

" Some of us miss the messy old days of the Internet where we tried to get along and we'd link to each other's sites and it was all so much fun. "

" The Alterhuman Summoning Circle is a webring aimed at the alterhuman community! "

" a webring for people who've made flipnotes and remember Flipnote Hatena and Sudomemo! "

" Yet another webring on neocities. Just a webring, as I haven't thought of more global idea behind it yet. "

" This is a webring for people interested in making righteous homepages! Its part of the MelonLand project"

Thank you yesterweb and its members for everything you've done for the indie-web. -Hank
" This webring is for anyone who is tired of how boring and same-y the internet is today. It's for anyone who is sick of seeing websites used purely to drive monetization. "


" Funky webring is for : People who wanna go crazy with the colors and graphics on their site, People who made their website with a specific aesthetic in mind, People who want each of their pages to have a different aesthetic because they don't wanna pick just one, People who are proud of how their site looks and want to show it off! "

" We're all about acknowledging one's issues and trying to move through life in a constructive manner. All of the participating webpages contain some form of constructive coping. This may be in the form of resource lists, vent art, writing, or other means. "

" Neocreatives is a webring for connecting the visual artist community of Neocities (and other personal sites!) It also serves as a directory where you can discover new artists-- "