words that mean something to me in some sort of way.


``Hasn't already been done a long ago?
Why I bother keeping pieces in my hands
It’s all over, all shits I put out don’t even make sense
And I still sitting here not leaving my past behind
I know it’s too late to face realties I’ve held for a long time in my back
Wasted years I spent are coming back and ask
Time’s still left so I decide to stay here
Nothing’s gonna change for you, alright?
It’s all excuses you make
Stuck in a chamber room, voices echoing all around the places
Hoping to find exit that doesn’t exist
And circumstances keep telling me who i am``

>>>Circumstances Telling Me Who I Am - Asian Glow

``Hive mind is scary, I feel vulnerable and stupid
Waiting for a new embarrassment to go and tear right through me
A dependent, fruitless animal, watch me brimming with shame

And this confidence I fake only makes matters worse
I am not a stallion, I am just perverse
Hopeless, and docile, and tamed

Another day I won't remember, another day I wished away
Tedious days punctuated by dismay
Every day feels the same

Oh, it's the routine, and it's the regret
That makes me worse yet

Oh, did I forget your name or make a joke and no one laughed?
Did I come across as stupid or did I cum too fast?
This isn't a brave face, this isn't a brave face
This is a mask``

>>>Only Everyone Can Judge Me - Crywank

``Try to eat the silica packet At bottom of the beef jerky bag in my jacket
The world's crumbled and so am i
Get high, get by, I try
To not die, it works on occasion
Unsure when it does no confirmation``

>>>Lawnmower Man (feat. Voiddweller) - KFC Murder Chicks

``And I'm worried that I'm not in the right place
I'm worried there never was one
Picking up the pieces that have fallen off over the years
I think I'm coming undone
No, I've already come undone
I'm searching for something that I'm never gonna find
Like a moth drawing closer to rotten lime-light
Did I have a plan or was it all for show, am I faking it all
If I stop now then where do I go

My complexes are really quite simple
I can't determine my value, without other people
And I can't imagine a world in which I succeed
Without lying down on an alter for strangers to bleed
But I'm not a lamb, I'm a rough cut of meat
And I've only got enough for myself to feed``

>>> There Are Leeches In Denton Lake - Everybody's Worried About Owen

``Bleached Cow Skull; my best friend
He doesnt judge me when i say i want the world to end
Sometimes i just need to burn a few bridges``

>>>Horrible Oracle - Diet Tea Other Cola

``And if they ever hear my name
Will they know I walked alone
Around these dusty streets–My
Tired old home.
And will they ever stop to think
What was here before, no
They won’t remember that I’m gone``

>>>Die Anywhere Else - Alec holowka

``And I know when you see me at my lowest, naked
You'll see me at my ugliest, naked
See me at my worst, which is naked
Fake it till you make it
No, fake it till you're breaking``

>>>Naked - Friend Hell

``My instinct tells me I smell like fresh meat
And I better be ready to defend myself if I need to...

...And I'll apologize a second time, When I see you,
Because I'm sure it will lead to,
The unbearable feeling that we are both only the same
And both totally insane``

>>>Fresh Meat - Diet Tea Other Cola

``...And any remaining interest my friends have in me
Is just “hey, this animal can talk!”...

...Cause I don’t want to be perceived, yeah
As a thing you can believe in
I'm an optical illusion
And pretty soon I think I’m leaving``

>>>Beast Monster Thing - Car Seat Headrest

``i take notes
replicate the features
in the right light
i look like the creature
haunting my dreams
i didnt mean to look
i close my eyes so hard my knees shook``

>>>Egg Punk Sleep Paralysis - Diet Tea Other Cola

``Yeah, do you think it's cute that I'm so fucking stupid?
Tell me that it is, 'cause I'm tired of being useless
I've been up for three days, everything is haunted
Everybody's evil and there's bugs inside the carpet
Do you think I'm frightening? Organ chords and lightning
If I show my fangs, will you tell me that they're cool?
Mirrors shatter when I'm passing, broken glass and crashing
Little blurry stars scattered all across my room``

>>>Haunted - Laura Les

``I guess you know (I'm trying not)
I guess you know (To feel anything)
You see it in my eyes (I'm trying not)
Every night (To feel anything)
I guess you know (I'm trying not)
I guess you know (To feel anything)
I guess you know that (I'm trying not)
You wouldn't be there with me (To feel...)``

>>>I Will Do This For the Rest of My Life - Julia Brown


``...This isn't divine inspiration guiding our hand, this is painful, this is art as blood sucked from an open wound.``
>>> Jacob Geller - Four Short Games About Pain

``go be happy, fuck someones day up by loving yourself
>>> Scotch - i almost killed myself before i could finish making this video